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  • 1. The Crucial Role Of Potassium

  • 2. Extreme Heat and the Effect on Grass

  • 3. The Process of Grass Germination

  • 4. Biological Process of Foliar Feeding

As the vibrant hues of summer transition into the golden and red tones of autumn, homeowners often shift their focus towards preparing their lawns for the upcoming winter. While various lawn care practices play essential roles in maintaining a lush and healthy lawn, one element stands out for its significance in fall lawn care: potassium.

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High heat can send your grass into dormancy. We go over why this happens, best practices to implement to reduce stress on your lawn, and if you should continue to fertilize with liquid fertilizers during these periods.

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A in-depth look at the germination process of grass.

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This blog covers the process of foliar nutrient uptake.

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I just wanted to say thank you for offering such awesome products! I noticed a really nice difference in my lawn the very next morning following my first application of Balanceline/Straightline/Organohume/Micromex! It's hard to find quality lawn products up here so I'm glad I found your company online! Looking forward to my next order! All the best!

Marc P

My lawn has never looked this good. This is the best fertilizer you can buy for home use in Canada. I used the complete line of products last year, and I can't wait to do it again. Looking forward to trying there grass seed as well


Thanks Growforge! Lucky 13 liquid fertilizer turned my sad vegetable garden into my best harvest yet! So easy to apply. I just followed the instructions and the results were amazing. Now I use it everywhere else too; on house plants, flower beds and patio planters.

Sandy G

Fantastic products. Great customer service as well.

Daniel Liao

Amazing products! For those looking for product that work for the lawn. Already seeing great results from one application! Very hard to find good product in Canada for lawns that help all parts of the plant. Highly recommend.

Mohammed Haque

It is always great when you can find a truly great company that cares about there customers and makes great products. Growforge is definitely one of those companys! I have worked with Growfordge and there products for a year now and continue to be impressed by there customer service, amazing and growing product line, as well as there extreme professionalism. There lawn products are hands down the best on the Canadian market. The products will fundamentally change your lawn for the better! Would fully and completely recommend using the Growforge products.

Wade Murray

They are very prompt in responding. Looking forward to further years of orders here.

Mark Basi