How to Mix and Calculate Product Quantities

How to Mix and Calculate Product Quantities

If you're planning to spray products on a specific area of grass,
it's important to know how to mix the products correctly to ensure they are
applied evenly and effectively. Mixing products can be a bit of a science, but
with the right tools and techniques, it can be quite straightforward. In this
blog post, we'll walk you through the steps to mix products for your area and
calculate the amount of each product and water you need.

Step 1: Familiarize Yourself with the Sprayer

Before you start mixing any products, it's important to
familiarize yourself with your sprayer. Try spraying only water to get a feel
for how much area you can cover with each spray. Measure an area to determine
how much water you need to cover it. This will help you determine how much
product you need to add to the water to cover the same area.

Step 2: Determine the Product Rates

Most product rates are typically given in oz/1000ft2, which
means you need to know the total area of the space you're spraying. For
instance, if you're spraying a 2000ft2 area, and the product rate is 2
oz/1000ft2, you'll need 4 oz of product to cover that area.

Step 3: Calculate Water Requirements

A minimum of 1 gallon/1000ft2 of water is recommended, and
up to 2 gallons/1000ft2 is acceptable. Determine how much water you'll need for
the area you're spraying, using the minimum recommended amount.

Step 4: Shake the Products

Before pouring the products, it's important to shake them
well to ensure the active ingredients are properly mixed.

Step 5: Use a Clear Measuring Container

Use a clear measuring container to measure the products
accurately. This will help you determine how much of each product to add to the

Step 6: Fill the Sprayer with Water

Fill the sprayer with half of the water you need before
adding the products. This will prevent the products from clumping together or
settling at the bottom of the sprayer.

Step 7: Add the Products One at a Time

Add the products one at a time and rinse the measuring container with water between products. Add
the rinsing water to the sprayer to ensure that you're adding the full amount
of product.

Step 8: Fill the Sprayer to the Desired Level

Once you've added all the products, fill the sprayer to the
desired level. Be sure to shake or agitate the sprayer to blend the products
into the solution.

In conclusion, mixing products for an area is a simple
process, but it's important to be precise with your measurements and follow the
steps carefully. By following these steps, you'll be able to determine how much
of each product to use and how much water is needed to cover the area
effectively. By mixing products properly, you'll be able to achieve the desired
results that you want.