About Us

Who we are

Growforge is a company of Anseeuw Brothers Ltd. Anseeuw Brothers started in 1976 and has been supplying landscaping products to homeowners and contractors in the Winnipeg and surrounding areas since the beginning. With a reputation for quality products, fair pricing and prompt delivery, Anseeuw Brothers Ltd. has continued to grow and meet its customers changing needs. Building on that reputation, the company began distribution of OMEX fertilizers in 2016. Seeing the exceptional results across several Canadian golf courses and filling a need for cost-effective products in the market, Anseeuw Brothers Ltd. became the Canadian dealer of OMEX products for the turf as well as the horticultural industries. In 2021, Anseeuw Brothers founded Growforge. We here at Growforge work extremely close with both Anseeuw Brothers and our suppliers to ensure that clients are provided with the best services and products. This close relationship allows us to meet the needs of our clients. With all of our companies working together, we can provide many different services and products that create strong, lasting relationships with our clients. We aim to provide crop solutions to anyone from the homeowner, golf courses, greenhouses to large acre farms. We are always adding to our list of products to try to help in any way we can.

Meet Our Suppliers

Omex products are innovative and developed based on an in-depth understanding of the science of soil, seed and crop nutrition. They undergo rigorous testing for performance, safety, efficacy and compatibility. Omex philosophy is to take challenges encountered at the grower level and turn them into tangible solutions in the form of fertilizer products. Omex Canada's main office is located in Oak Bluff, Manitoba.

GrowLiv is a commercial insectary that breeds and sells biological control agents for the control of plant pests and diseases. Our production facilities are located in Amherstburg, Ontario. The beneficial insects that we provide have been thoroughly researched and are proven to effectively suppress pest populations.

All our biological controls are compatible with the needs of organic fruit & vegetable growers, ornamental growers, homeowners and medical cannabis growers.

Our product is never cold stored and reared right here in Southwestern Ontario. Our location advantage means that our product are not only fresh but also cost-effective.

DLF Pickseed Canada is headquartered in Lindsay, Ontario with products being marketed utilizing the DLF Pickseed and Mapleseed brand names. Our brands are backed by a trusted and proven reputation for quality, agronomic advice and a commitment to research and technology. Our dedicated team provides practical and effective solutions to improve your profitability and reduce your operating risk.