Symptoms of Calcium Deficiency

  • Soft fruit  
  • Senescent breakdown and poor storage life of fruit 
  • Internal and external disorders on many fruits and vegetables 
  • Crop Lodging 
  • Terminal buds and root tips fail to develop normally 
  • Stunted root systems 
  • Leaves of grasses do not open properly, tips stick to the next lowest leaf 


  • Proper functioning of growing points, particularly roots tips 
  • Forms compounds which strengthen cell walls 
  • Aids in cell division and elongation 
  • Neutralizes organic acids
  • Aids in the proper working and permeability of cell membranes 
  • Essential for pollen tube elongation 
  • Regulates protein synthesis
  • Slows down the aging process 

Treatment Options

 Calcium is not easily translocated in plants, so a constant supply is required. It should be foliar applied in fruiting crops, and be available from after flowering onward