Symptoms of Chloride Deficiency

  • Wilting
  • Restricted, highly branched root system
  • Leaf mottling
  • Leaflet blade tip wilting with chlorosis
  • In cabbage, absence of cabbage odor

Function of Chloride

  • Cation balance, transport
  • Diminishes effect of fungal infections
  • May compete with nitrate uptake, promoting use of ammonium, which may factor in its role in disease suppression
  • Works in tandem with K for the proper function of stomatal openings, controlling internal water balance
  • Photosynthesis specifically the  control of gas/water exchange

Treatment Options

Avoid applying Chlorides early in ground as it interferes with Phosphorus and Nitrate uptake. Use as a foliar to improve disease control and promote health in the crop. Crops such as canary seeds require high levels of Chlorides. Chlorides have a low deliquescence point and can be taken up fast by the leaves causing a leaf burn. Apply with high volume of water early in the morning or late at night. .

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