Symptoms of Magnesium Deficiency

  • Interveinal chlorosis beginning in the tops of older leaves.  Veins remain green, while the chlorotic areas turn yellow to brown (other colours in some plants)  
  • Leaves become brittle and necrotic and may drop prematurely 
  • Yield may be seriously reduced
  • Leaves develop a purplish color between veins
  • Some varieties can develop interveinal red chlorotic areas


  • The center molecule of  the chlorophyll 
  • Co-factor of various enzymes 
  • Aids plant to form sugar  and starches 
  • Plays an important part of the translocation of Phosphorus

Treatment Options

Apply Magnesium to crops grown on sandy or acidic soils; to crops having received heavy application of Potassium or grown on heavy manured land, particularly in high rainfall areas or when the conditions are cold and wet. Under severe Mg deficiency defoliation of the terminal shoots progresses from the base to the tip..

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