Symptoms of Manganese Deficiency

  • Small grains can show  a longitudinal striping
  • “Grey fleck” in oats
  • Chlorosis in fruits (more evident on the shady side of the tree)
  • Chlorosis of recently matured leaves with no reduction in  leaf size
  • Less pronounced mottling  in some broad leaf plants
  • Crop lodging
  • Disease expression


  • Chlorophyll production
  • Photosynthesis (water spliting)
  • Nitrogen and carbohydrate metabolism
  • Oxido-reduction reactions
  • Enzyme activity
  • Combines with Cu, Fe, and  Zn to aid in plant growth and development processes

Treatment Options

Apply Manganese onto crops grown on high pH or heavily limed soils; crops grown on peat or muck soils with high organic matter; crops grown on light, sandy soils or soils with low organic matter. When the conditions are cold and wet in the spring Mn availability become low. Soils with high content of Cu,  Fe or Zn can reduce the availability of Mn.

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