Symptoms of Nitrogen Deficiency

  • Light green, yellow leaves first evident in older leaves
  • Stunted growth 
  • Lower protein levels
  • Delayed Maturity 
  • Decreased resistance to disease and pests 
  • Smaller Fruit 
  • Lower Yields 
  • Shorter shelf life in storage 


  • An essential element in all living systems 
  • Needed by all cells 
  • Occurs in the living substance (protoplasm) of cells 
  • A major component of chlorophyll 
  • Affects both yields and quality 

Treatment Options

Apply a good fertility program in the soil with enough Nitrogen to fulfill the targeted yield goals. Complement with a foliar program containing high percentage of Nitrogen especially when farming a light textured or sandy soil; dealing with compacted soil or a soil with low organic matter. Also, water logged conditions create high demand on Nitrogen. 

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