Why Choose Growforge

  • Supplier Relationship

    We work closely with our suplier, OMEX also located in Oak Bluff, Manitoba to deliver Canadian-made fertilizer to customers across the country. Our close working relationship allows us direct access to OMEX's foliar and plant nutrition specialists to provide responsive troubleshooting support for growing challenges as they arise. Further, we can capitalize on OMEX"s Canadian and global distribution network to maintain availability of products

  • Cost-effective

    Our direct working relationship with a Canadian-made fertilizer supplier, allows us to offer cost competitive fertilizers that are tailored to your needs while reducing third-party markups in the supply chain. Growforge has been able to fill a need for cost-effective products in the market, allowing customers' budgets to stretch further.

  • Our Team

    Our owners are an experienced golf course constructor, golf course superintendent and Red Seal horticulturalist. With experience from conceptualization, emergence and maintenance, our team has a thorough working knowledge of the challenges and opportunities faced by the turf industry. Our knowledgeable team can help tailor a program to the specific context of each course and climate and provide specialist training and knowledge on application rates and blends in a responsive manner

Professional Turf Lines

  • Primary Nutrient Products

    We offer a wide range of products in our Primary Line, including individual primary nutrients as well as blended combinations of primary, secondary, and micronutrients. These products are designed to form the foundation of a high-performance turf fertilization program, helping you to ensure that your grass has everything it needs to stay healthy, strong and vibrant. Whether you are looking for specific primary nutrients or a more comrehensive blend, our Primary Line has you covered. Simply click below to learn more and find the perfect solution for your needs.

    Primary products
  • Secondary Nutrient Products

    Our Secondary Nutrients Line is designed to broaden the impact of your fertilization program by targeting key secondary nutrients like sulfur, calcium and magnesium. These essential nutrients play a crucial role in the health and vitality of your grass, and by providing them as part of your fertilization routine, you can help ensure that your turf stays strong and healthy. Our Secondary Line products are easy to use and can be incorporated into any comprehensive fertilization program. Simply click the link below to learn more and find the perfect solution for your needs.

    Secondary Products
  • Micronutrient Products

    Micronutrients to fine tune a high performance turf fertilization program. Click below for products.

    Micronutrient Products
  • Biostimulants

    Biostimulants including plant growth regulators and plant growth promoting rhizobacteria, to augment with a turf fertilization program to improve soil structure, soil life, fertility and plant defense. Click below for products

    Biostimulant Products
  • Wetting/Utility Products

    Wetting and utility products to maximize the efficiency of a turf fertilization program with wetting agents, urease inhibitors, pH reducers and wetter/sreaders. Click below for products.

    Wetting/Utility Products
  • Organic Products

    A list of our certified organic products. Click below for products

    Organic Products

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