Symptoms of Potassium Deficiency

  • Light green, yellow older leaves which develops into leaf scorch 
  • Stunted growth 
  • Lodging 
  • Reduced disease resistance 
  • Weakened Stalks 
  • Misshapen seed and fruit


  • Aids in Photosynthesis and the functioning of chlorophyll 
  • Controls the opening/closure of stomata
  • Formation and translocation of starches, sugars, proteins and fats 
  • Protein formation 
  • Aids with enzyme actions 
  • Maintenance of cell internal pressure 
  • Reducs wilting and respiration by maintaining balance of salts and water in cells 
  • Increases root growth and resistance to disease and drought 
  • Decreases lodging 

Treatment Options

Apply a good fertility program in the soil with enough Potassium to fulfill the targeted yield goals. Complement with a foliar program containing high percentage of Potassium especially when farming a light textured or sandy soil; dealing with compacted soil or a soil with low organic matter. Apply Potassium especially when the crop is subject to a drought or an excessive rainfall.