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Garnet - Creeping Red Fescue 1KG

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Quick Facts: 

Garnet - Creeping Red Fescue has shown excellent performance at every maintenance
level, from no-mow to fairway cutting heights of 1/2”. Red fescues have been documented to often contain high levels of a natural herbicide, meta-tyrosine. Garnet has shown low
levels of weed invasion in all trials reporting, from crabgrass to poa annua.

Garnet is a tough, persistent, endophyte enhanced variety that is well adapted to deep shade, hot summers lower fertili- ty soils, higher salt conditions, and lower maintenance situations. Garnet has a pleasing dark green color, medium fine leaf texture, and will spread by producing long under- ground rhizomes and large numbers of basal tillers under favorable conditions. Garnet is very persistent and has improved heat and drought tolerance.

Seedling Rate: 

  • 4-6lbs/1000 sqft 

Other Facts: 

  • Germination: 7-12 days 
  • Mowing Frequency: 1 time per week 
    Garnet - Creeping Red Fescue 1KG - Growforge
    Garnet - Creeping Red Fescue 1KG - Growforge
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